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We are Litigators.  That means we accept cases where the facts, the law, or both, are disputed and must be tried before a judge (in a bench trial) or a jury in a jury trial.  Mr. Kelly has personally tried over 460 trials.  We also counsel clients on how to avoid the time and expense of protracted litigation.

Criminal Litigation involves a client being charged with a criminal offense of some sort: local ordinance violation, traffic citation, criminal traffic matter [such as DUI, DWAI, Driving Under Restraint (DUR), and Reckless Driving, to name a few], or a Felony and/or Misdemeanor.

Civil Litigation usually involves a dispute over money.  Sometimes, however, money is not involved at all, like when your neighbor suddenly won't let you use the easement across the corner of his property to access your property.  You might seek injunctive relief or a declaratory judgment to enforce the easement you've been using all along.

We handle all types of litigation emphasizing criminal defense, as well as those cases which specifically involve business contracts, corporate law, oil & gas issues and real estate matters.  Check out the Information in this website, and if you don't see the answer to your question, just drop us an email or give us a call.  Help is only moments away..........303/820.0840


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