You may think that pleading out is going to save you money over the cost of hiring an attorney and fighting the charge.

Better think again.

This is a table showing the costs of a DUI conviction in Colorado, reprinted from the June 27, 1999, Denver Post.  That's a long time ago, I admit, but then that only means that these costs have only grown more expensive than what's depicted here.

If the attorney costs noted are just for pleading out (which I think they are), can you afford not to fight the charge, even if the attorney costs to fight may be higher?

Because, you see, even without attorney costs, you're still looking at a minimum of $6,300 in non-attorney costs, and that's a very conservative estimate in terms of mid-1999 dollars.  Plus, you'll always have the DUI conviction on your record.  And this could seriously hurt you: both now and in the future.